The Supplement Brand You Should Know About

As this is my first post, I think it is important to give a bit of a background as to the variety of products I have experimented with over the years. I have extensively used products that fall under the product names: MuscleTech, M.A.P. (Muscle Asylum Product), Cellucor, BSN, EAS, GNC, Six Star, USPLabs, and VPX (Just to name a few).

I have also experimented with many different types of products, including fat burners, creatine, whey protein, vitamins, and other various supplements.

Over the years, the knowledge I have gained through researching and experimenting with different products is invaluable! As an ambitious teen when I began taking supplements, I fell victim to the typical sales pitches and advertisements on certain products that, to put it lightly, just plain didn’t work! My goal in creating this blog is to educate readers as to what to look for in supplements, as well as how to avoid the mistakes I have made in the past.

I hope to educate readers as to the dangers associated with using supplements, as well as to inform prospective users how to correctly take the supplements to get the most out of them. So, without further ado, I would like to share my favorite supplement maker (at the time of this post anyways)!

I would have to say that the brand I am most fond of as of now would have to be USPLabs. I must say that I LOVE the innovative products that they have released over the past year, whether it be their thermogenic compound (OxyElite Pro) or their testosteron booster (Pink Magic) or their recovery drinks (Modern BCAA), this company’s products just seem to work.

One major point I would like to stress is that, just like how everyone has their own way of studying for a test or of preparing for an important presentation, when using supplements, everybody reacts differently to the ingredients at hand. Therefore, please realize that what has worked for my body may not be what works best for your body, and vice versa.

In the upcoming posts I will elaborate as to what is in the products that I believe makes them worth their price. I am constantly researching new information on supplements and I am always enthusiastic when studies come out on particular ingredients. My next posts will break-down the ingredients and point out the pros and cons of the matrix that makes up many of the supplements on the block today.

I thank you for checking out my blog and hope that you will find it to be helpful on your journey to becoming fit!

All the best,

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